VMWare Tools in Kubuntu 9.04

I tried several different ways to install VMware Tools on Kubuntu 9.04 there are many different instructions out there and some worked and some did not. I was somewhat successful with these steps. Fundamentally all the information that you need is on this page, but some of it is in the comments. I’ve tried to make this more concise.

I am using VMware Fusion Version 2.04. I don’t know if this will work on any other versions as I don’t have any other versions to test it with. I also assume that it’ll work on Ubuntu 9.04 but I didn’t try that. This assumes that you already have Kubuntu installed and that you have root access.

I like to work at the command line so open a terminal session and go through these steps.

First we need to make sure that we have all the latest packages.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Then from the “Virtual Machine” menu in VMWare select “Install VMWare Tools.” This will connect a virtual CD Rom to the guest OS that has the VMWare Tools on it. Copy the file VMwareTools-7.9.3.-xxx to your home directory and unarchive it with…

$ tar -xzvf VMwareTools-7.9.3*

Now we need to change one file in the distribution.

$ cd vmware-tools-distrib/lib/modules/source
$ tar -xvf vmhgfs.tar
$ cd vmhgfs-only
$ sudo kate page.c

Somewhere around line 867 you’ll find a line that looks like this…

page = __grab_cache_page(mapping, index);

…change it to look like this…

page = grab_cache_page_write_begin(mapping, index, flags);

Save the file and then go back to the Konsole and type this…

$ cd ..
$ rm vmhgfs.tar
$ tar -cvf vmhgfs.tar vmhgfs-only
$ cd ../../..
$ sudo ./vmware-install.pl

All of the questions can be answered by hitting the enter key except for the default resolution. At this point the mouse driver won’t work right so install the Xorg virtual mouse driver with this little command.

$ sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse

Now reboot and all should work.

You can use this command to bring up the settings editor for VMware Tools.

$ sudo /usr/bin/vmware-toolbox

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